Microsoft Office Specialist – Power Point

This 100 hours program is designed to prepare the student to become a Microsoft Office Specialist. Preparation includes classroom instruction, supervised laboratory training as per the syllabus from Certiport.

Theory classes and laboratory sessions may be held in the classroom at the College.

Admission Requirements:

Basic English, Mathematics, and Computer Skills

Duration: 100 Hours (Theory & Practice)

Program: Start Any Day, Monday to Friday (11:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Method of Instruction: Classroom/Online/Hybrid, One to One, Study Materials, Audio, Video, etc., or Online

Fees: $750 ($200 Non-Refundable Registration Plus $550 Tuition)

Other Expenses (For student’s information only): Personal expenses, Books, Uniforms, and other accessories

Completion Requirements:

Successful completion of 100-hour of training as per the College’s curriculum

Certification: Upon completing the program, the students may acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become a Microsoft Office Word Specialist. The students may receive a certificate of completion from Monsbey College. conducts testing. Students who complete the testing may receive a Microsoft Office Specialist certificate in PowerPoint Program.

Possible Occupation: Office Administration

Upcoming Programs (Please contact the office for registration)

Occupational Outlook – Microsoft Office Specialist – Power Point