IC3 – Digital Literacy

This 100-hour program is designed to prepare the student to become IC3 Certified. Preparation includes classroom/online instruction and supervised laboratory training as per the syllabus from Certiport.

Theory classes and laboratory sessions may be held in the classroom/online at the College.

Admission Requirements:

Basic English, Mathematics, and Computer Skills

Duration: 100 Hours (Theory & Practice)

Program: Start Any Day, Monday to Friday (11:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Method of Instruction: Classroom/Online/Hybrid, One to One, Study Materials, Audio, Video, etc., or Online

Fees: $750 ($200 Non-Refundable Registration Plus $550 Tuition)

Other Expenses (For student’s information only): Personal expenses, Books, Uniforms, and other accessories

Completion Requirements:

Successful completion of 100-hour of training as per the College’s curriculum

Certification: Upon completing the program, the students may acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become IC3 Certified. The students may receive a certificate of completion from the College. Certiport.com conducts testing. Students who complete the testing may receive an IC3 certificate.

Possible Occupation: Office Administration

Upcoming Programs (Please contact the office for registration)

Occupational Outlook – IC3-Digital Literacy