Health care profession comprises multiple professions, which may include physicians, nurses, medical lab technicians, CNAs (certified nurse assistant), pharmacy technicians, and home health aide workers.

Most of the students think about their career and the right choice of their profession. While choosing a career, you must know about its pros/cons, scope, and value.

In this post, we will know about medical fields that you can choose according to your interests.

This article will answer your questions regarding different medical professions and their demands.

Is medical school worth it?

Medicine is one of the most respectable professions, and there are many reasons to choose medicine as your profession. The long studies periods and hard work in medical school are always worth it when you foresee your future.

Some of the reasons which make medical schools worth it are:

  • A noble profession:

The service of humanity has no comparison to any other field. Doctors put their lives to serve their fellow human beings, which can bring rewards in their lives as well. No matter the place in the world, doctors earn the most honor and dignity in society.

  • A promising future:

No matter how hard the studies of medicine seem to be now, you are going to have a promising future. The financial status of most of the doctors is higher as compared to other professions.

  • Better opportunities:

Despite the high fee of medical studies, this field can produce multiple opportunities for you to grow worldwide. Most of the countries follow the same medical protocols. That way, you will not have difficulty adjusting to any part of the world.

Is CNA a nurse?

CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant.

To answer the question, if they are nurses or not, CNAs are not professional nurses. CNAs work under the directions forms LPN (Licenced practical nurse) or RN (registered nurse).

CNA professionals do not perform the duties of a professional nurse. They assist with health care tasks and act as a bridge between nurses and patients.

The responsibilities of CNAs are:

  • Dealing with patient’s problems and issues regarding their hospital stays and needs
  • Measuring the vitals (vital signs) of the patients. Daily tasks assistance as bathing, feeding, and using the toilet are also the responsibilities of the CNAs
  • Housekeeping and taking care of the environment in which the patient is living comes under the responsibilities of the CNA
  • The assistance of RN and listening to the health-related concerns of the patients
  • Assisting patients for their activities of daily living during a hospital stay

Is CNA a good job?

Undoubtedly, CNA is a good job because:

It does not require any post-secondary degree but still manages to yield good salaries.

Some of the reasons why CNA is a good job are:

  • There are chances to make the difference
  • You would have an opportunity to specialize in the area of your interest
  • It is affordable education
  • It ensures job stability due to non-declining demand of the job
  • It offers a variety of work
  • You will be able to work in different fields of health
  • This job can be emotionally rewarding because of its direct communication with the patients
  • You will yield many opportunities to make network connections
  • CNA is easier to get admissions in nursing programs
  • You can switch your career at any point in your life
  • Better benefits and job bonuses
  • A better understanding of patient care
  • You can have transferable credit

Is CNA a license?

Unlike other health professions, CNA does not require a college degree. But the professional CNA requires a diploma or post-secondary non-degree certification.

Once you complete your CNA training, you will need to take a competency exam. After passing this exam, you will have registration as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).

The CNA certification or license is significant:

  • To signify that you have the appropriate knowledge about patients handling and care
  • To ensure that you know how to take patients’ vitals and emergency procedures
  • These certifications are proof that CNA is capable of performing his responsibilities better
  • You can also gain voluntary professional certifications in multiple fields to increase your potential and market value
  • Without a license, a CNA can work in the medical facility, but he/she would not have permission to aid in medical duties with the nurses.

Is CNA hard work?

CNA aids professional nurses in their duties.

Yes, CNA is hard work because:

  • It requires more physical labor than other professionals
  • You need to interact with the patients, patient families, and relatives directly. Sometimes, you have to face the humiliation and rude attitude of the families.
  • You need to assist the patients in their every daily living activity which cant let you save some time for yourself during the duty hours
  • You need to be extra alert about your patients’ condition
  • CNA has to perform all kinds of works ranging from daily hygiene of the patient to the cleaning of the dead body
  • Nursing assistants need to provide a constant connection between patients and their nurses or physicians
  • You will need to monitor your patients which requires a zero-error approach
  • CNA has to be emotionally and physically reliable for patients, which is only possible with a sound mind and a sound body. If you lack mentally or physically, then you better choose any other profession.

Is CNA a medical legit?

Yes, CNA is a medical legit.

CNA serves medical purposes in the field of health care.

These professionals directly interact with their patients. They are capable of taking the patient’s vitals and performing emergency procedures like CPR.

CNAs have a responsibility for patient care and monitoring, which comes under medical supervision. Patients review their CNAs according to their skills and capabilities.

CNA professionals have certifications and licenses in their respective filed, which shows their competency for their work.

They have a variety of works from:

  • Collecting the lab specimen of the patients
  • Maintain the clean patient environment
  • Providing patient comfort
  • Assisting with ADLs
  • Providing bedside assistance to the patients
  • Monitoring, reporting and recording changes in the health of the patient
  • The most common vacancies for CNAs are in hospitals, residential care facilities, and nursing homes due to direct interaction with the patients

Is home health aide a healthcare worker?

Home health aide is a healthcare worker.

Home health aide is one of the fastly growing occupations in the world. There is plenty of demand in every facility for the home health aide. Home health aide is supportive care for patients at their homes. Home aide allows the patient to stay in the comfort of their homes while recovering from illnesses, disabilities, and injuries. These services are also available for patients suffering from chronic health conditions as  COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, and heart failure.

Furthermore, a home health aide is for patients who are suffering from terminal care. These professionals provide palliative care for about six months to one year. This profession lets these patients spend their end days in the comfort of their homes staying connected with their families and surroundings.

Home health aide workers remind them of their medications and activities necessary for their survival.

Is home health aide a good job?

A few reasons make the home health aide a good job or a promising career:

  • You can make a difference through your hard work and dedication.
  • You directly interact with the patients and families and listen to their concerns about their health. These professionals can enjoy the building of personal relationships with their patients, which is not possible in hospital settings.
  • A flexible schedule of duties
  • Home health aide workers can provide companionship to older adults and patients who are lonely. They can provide companionship and social interaction with these patients.
  • Home health workers can efficiently make the lives of their patients or clients meaningful through their positive approach and behavior.
  • As these professionals are medically aware of the conditions of the patients, they can manage the complex health problems of the patients at their homes as well.
  • These opportunities allow professionals to specialize their skills and make a rewarding career.

Is home health aide covered by medicare?

Medicare covers the fields which require medical skills.

Home health aide can serve two purposes:

  1. Personal care
  2. Medical care

If you require personal care for your patient as assistance in bathing, dressing, feeding, and hygiene, then it will not come under the monitoring of medicare.

If the patient is suffering from medical conditions as AIDS/HIV, disabilities, and cardiovascular problems, then they may need intense monitoring. In such cases, the care from home health aide workers will come under the medicare services because these services require medical skills to deal with the emergency conditions.

Moreover, the medicare services make these workers capable of immediately recognizing the red flags and guide the patients to receive suitable treatment for their condition.

If you are doing your duties under the service of Medicare, then they will pay you. But if the services are under personal care, medicare will not pay the worker.

Is home health aide an essential job?

Due to the increasing disease load in the world, many people are getting diseases and disabilities, which require the assistance of other people. Home health aide and home health workers are growing exceptionally due to an increase in demand for them.

To answer the question, you will need an answer which can vary individually. For individuals who are unable to take care of themselves, require full assistance with the help of a home health aide. In such situations, this profession becomes an essential job.

While in other mild cases of the disease, patients may not require assistance. So, these services are not essential to them.

Depending upon the personal needs and resources of the patients/clients, home health aide workers can decide their participation level and dedication. However, in most cases, home health workers play a vital role in assisting patients and monitor them for their health conditions.

Home health care providers are crucial for patients with terminal illnesses and complete disabilities.

Is a pharmacy technician in demand?

Pharmacy technician job is a high demand job because people are inclining towards the use of pharmaceuticals and drugs for the treatment of their diseases.

A few reasons for the high demand for pharmacy technicians are:

  • Older population – with the increase in the population of elderlies, there is an increase in need of medicines for different conditions. Innovations in medical treatments have increased life expectancy, but there is more dependency on medicines.


  • Pharmacy technicians can divide the overload of dispensing medications. For instance, if a person receives wrong medications due to overload on workers in pharmacy, he will suffer from even serious consequences. Therefore, there is a severe responsibility to pharmacy technicians, which makes this job a high-demand job.


  • Pharmacy technicians have more venues to pursue training and management positions for promoting their best skills for the coming generation of pharma techs.

Is a pharmacy technician exam hard?

The test for pharmacy technicians is the PTCB exam. The chances to pass this exam are half and half.

According to the calculations of PTCB, there is a decline in the passing rate of the pharmacy technician exam. This rate went down to just 18 percent from 50 percent.

According to them, there can be two reasons for this decline:

  1. People are putting less effort into their educational skills
  2. org is adding to the complexity of the test.

The second reason looks more valid.

But to qualify the test, you need to have two things in mind:

  1. The right selection of the syllabus and book
  2. Right investment of the time in preparation

As far as you are preparing from the right sources and investing in the right type of knowledge, your chances for succeeding in the test can increase to 50 percent. There are plenty of sources that can correctly guide you about your right information.


Every medical career has its scope. It is necessary to read and gather all the required information before choosing a career. Take your time and make the best decision for your future.